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Apros ONLUS  founded in 2005 to try to reconcile the possibilities with the needs. A small group of highly motivated people, sharing the drive to want to help those who, for various reasons, they need it, they decided to support me in a complex and unfamiliar with the recklessness of the neophytes, armed only with a lot of enthusiasm and desire to be useful. After performing in 2006 a process of support to the family house of the Congregation of Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus of Rocca di Papa (the design of which will find items and photos here) we decided, with conviction and determination, to support Prof. Maria Luisa Manca Bitti, head of the Pediatric diabetes Clinic, University of Rome Tor Vergata in care and care of children with diabetes mellitus type 1.


It was an important commitment: a project that at first seemed bigger than us. We were a handful of individuals, men and women, all with a job and a family and very little time available. But that inner drive to be part of not just a support group, but that group so cohesive there made her feel only the volunteers of an association, but people bound by a common project that did not earn anything in economic terms in exchange from time commitment, but so much in human terms.


See the eyes of a child thanks you because you've got a chance to play outdoors is priceless!

See the expression of the parents of kids with diabetes who see its light in this commitment to the future of their children is priceless! Of course we did not do it all yourself! There was the help of many individuals, friends, companies, relatives and acquaintances of the boys and fundraising obtained with 5x1000 that with the tax return of 2007 allowed us to get (even if at the end of 2010. . !!) the beautiful figure, important for us, of about € 14,800. There we want to stop! We want to give us a more solid structure: find a suitable location, but that does not divert resources from the main objective; acquire the knowledge and skills that allow us to grow and grow even Apros ONLUS. Only then can we have more willingness to invest in the project PTV DM1.




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