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Hello! My name is Alessandro, I’m 32 and I practice a lot of sport, and I’m particularly fond of SKATEBOARDING.


Whenever I’m free I ride my board, taking with me two important things, insulin and a glucometer.


Yes, I’ve had Type 1 diabetes since almost 20 years, but this does not mean being less or different than the others, quite the opposite! I’ve learnt to live with this disease and I feel like a perfectly normal person who can do everything. The important thing is to follow some small rules and be followed by a medical team.



When my diabetes was diagnosed, I was 13, and just a kid who was thinking only about having fun, so I was always moving. After the diagnosis I didn’t give up and I’ve learnt to deal with the world in a dynamic way. This dynamism cannot and must not be frustrated simply because “I am a diabetic”.


Every time I skate, I always check my glycemia, before starting, because you cannot practice any sport with low blood glucose, or you may risk hypoglycemia.


That’s why, when I prepare my backpack, aside from the insulin and glucometer, I never forget to bring some sugar packets, some snacks and a sugary drink because, with physical activity you burn a lot of sugars which need to be restored.


I take my backpack and skateboard, and I go to the skatepark... This is the best moment of the day! I love this sport, which is considered “extreme”. Every time I’m about to do a trick, adrenalin flows, so glycemia could suffer some sudden changes; that’s why during my performances I always keep my body under control and if I feel the necessity, I take a pause to take breath and, just in case, have a snack ready to recover energy. Having diabetes does not mean you have to give up your passions, not at all! Sport is very important for us because it helps absorb insulin, along with increasing cardiovascular activity and keeping stress and cholesterol under control.


I know that at first it seems hard to manage this disease, but by following a few simple rules and keeping blood glucose levels under control, which is fundamental, it becomes a natural procedure, becoming part of our daily routine.


If today I’m a young man in good health and a sport-loving person, I owe it to the doctors who have always followed me, and the support of my family and friends.


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